A strategy to incentivize and grow diverse cultures of stewardship and healing justice for our economies, ecologies, and societies at the community scale. These cultures are proposed as co-creative rather than prescriptive as well as built from the framework of care for Inter-Generational Equity (IGE).*

*IGE: The innate and irrefutable wealth experienced within living relationships of life across deep time in the form of clean air, healthy soils, pure water, original plant/animal codeces, etc.; this is expanded to include harmonic social relationships based on dignity, reconciliation, and respect.

as a species coming of age, we are in the process of trading our mediocrity for excellence, our cynicism for inspiration, our sense of separation for our experience of community, and our complacency for our empowerment.

Quote & Excerpt


"For the first time in human history...                    Art is about to get teeth."
                                     -Terence McKenna