BFA, Illustration 2005 Art Center College

of Design - Pasadena, CA

Co-Creative Society Strategist

How did this work develop?

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. My perception of Art is that artists are a lot like fountains and creativity is a lot like an aquifer. Keeping this idea in mind, I am more of a steward or midwife to these ideas rather than their originator. This is both literal and metaphoric in some cases by suggesting an interweaving and collaboration between various social justice causes and economic principles.

I grew up in both Ventura and Los Angeles. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the Art and culture of Los Angeles while living predominately in suburbs where the pace is much easier than city life. As a young adult I was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland over a period of several years through the EF Art tour program. These experiences profoundly shaped my outlook in the ways we are similar as human beings amidst the nuances of politics and culture. I believe that humanity is evolving towards the realization of global unity with diversity; an equipotent prosperity of unified cultures operating with increasing experiences of co-creative synergies. Embodied harmonies that exists with an emphasis on higher quality experiences of family life, stewardship, and loving.

In October of 2006, a year after graduating college, I had a major awakening of values which rocked me to the core and question the nature of what is real in a spiritually deficient western culture. An aspect of my identity had bought into an idea rampant in western culture that happiness is a condition of material circumstances. When the identity of becoming a "successful artist" disintegrated because of this spiritual crisis, the only thing which was left standing was an impulse to use my creativity for something more meaningful and of greater benefit than to myself alone.

I had internally polished the question of what would Peace look like if its inner resonance was expressed? or "What would Peace actually look like?" Realizing that being always precedes doing of course, yet this active inquiry was the only path that seemed to resonate most. I still kept up with Art-making on the side but not as a career path, now the concepts shared on this site is where much of my creative satisfaction is derived. I am a lover of Peace first and an artist second.


The direction I presently feel driven to nurture is one of reconciliation and creativity. How can art assist in healing our story of what has meaning now that consumerism for its own sake is beginning to dismantle? How can an agile Peace culture become an emergent form of engaged compassion and holistic storytelling?


What if .....Terrence McKenna was correct in his statement that, "For the first time in human history...Art is about to get teeth."

Ultimately, my process is not only one of improving my intuitive, creative, and cognitive understanding of how to live more responsibly and peacefully upon our sacred Earth but how to practice my loving. Presently our over-arching cultural story in the west has a tendency to boast of technology as the culmination of what defines our maturity as a civilization but it isn't, really our "event horizon" singularity moment is the perfection of our compassion. I believe that innovations are important and new ideas are exciting but when it comes down to out-modeling poverty, war, trauma, and corruption that the only forces in existence which are up to the task is the everyday common expression of our kindness and wisdom made tangible through belonging.

Thank you for reading, 


Amber Bassett

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"Seek to enjoy, and not to possess."
                     -Nana Veary
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