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regenerative footprint:

A method of systemic Regeneration and climate resilience for creating long-term solutions and incentives that restore the Biosphere and social relationships through a symbiosis with nature.

Ultimately, it is Peace culture that would use a new economic commons framework in tandem with a series of programs created for any local community looking to consciously co-evolve while enacting Climate Resilience.

Climate Resilience:

The collective enactment of a symbiotic relationship with the Biosphere as it pertains to carbon emission reduction, a decentralized adoption of zero waste systems, energy efficiency, ecosystem regeneration/restoration, wide-scale pollution clean ups, carbon farming and sequestration. Mitigating the drastic effects of erratic weather caused by industrial-growth societies and restoring natural cycles to pre-industry era standards.


Cradle-to-cradle design is a biomimetic approach to the design of products and systems that models human industry on nature's processes viewing materials as nutrients circulating in healthy, safe metabolisms.*

*source - Wikipedia