"we are moving from separate organizations...to interconnected

ecologies of collaboration..."

-daniel christian wahl    

 What would Kinship with all Life actually look like?

The Regenerative Footprint is a strategy for Climate Resilience which perceives the creative process as a resource for a different way of thinking about the challenges we face together. The general Carbon Footprint mentality is that our carbon situation is something we have to 'fix' independently of systemic causes.


"As we awaken to the inter-connectedness of all our systems, we see that we cannot change, for example, our energy technologies without changing the economic system that supports them. We learn as well that all of our external institutions reflect our basic perceptions of the world, our invisible ideologies and belief systems.

In that sense, we can say that the ecological crisis—like all our  crises—is a spiritual crisis. By that I mean it goes all the way to the bottom, encompassing all aspects of our humanity."

          -Charles Eisenstein

As the old paradigm of separation from our Biosphere is graciously and gradually deconstructed we begin to question everything from beliefs, practices, systems, and 

institutions. Yet as an inner dismantling occurs of what no longer serves us as a unified species, LOVE is the gold which remains. Love is an energy which is vital to share as we sojourn with a common vision into global Unity, Prosperity, Peace and Resilience. The path of positive neutrality is not a triumph of Peace over War, that would still be duality. Rather it is a process of unfolding and discovering what it is to be human beyond the friction of duality through the use of Empathy. We are learning to integrate with one another and in cadence

with Nature rather than persist with Market structures in opposition.

These ideas are not knee-jerk responses to the carbon issue, poverty, corruption, colonization, ecocide, injustice and indignity of every kind...they were developed by sitting over long periods of time with interior aspects of humanity. Through contemplation and insight around the power of Compassion and the Inter-dependent flux of life.

There is no "US versus THEM". There is a human family learning how to heal and let go of old patterns.  Yet in the midst of this, Art has the capacity to inspire more willingness on this journey and creatively respond to the needs of Nature as we consciously evolve to inherit her grace.


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