Sacred Autopoiesis is a new theoretical economic framework which bridges several aspects of culture and first acknowledges the sacredness of ALL LIFE from business, education, technology, ecological stewardship, social change, economics, science, media, arts, livingry, etc. The word "auto" meaning self and "poiesis" meaning self-creating. This is being presently developed by a combination of intuition and critical analysis while weaving spontaneous insights with the work of those who most inspire me. The following individuals below are an inspirational sampling of the genius, compassion and excellence which emerges and thrives in the world today. For even more examples please see VISION QUEST.

If PEACE is an energetic resonance of solitude at rest, then perhaps it could also be expressed as harmonious engagement when active. In the activity of individuals such as these below are primary examples of harmony, particularly in the context of systemic collaboration. Sacred Autopoiesis would really be the foundation by which the work of individuals / groups such as these could create a common synthesis of inter-dependent insights, actions and ideas by which others could accessibly participate in on the premise of their Love and excellence. The term Sacred Autopoiesis is not the branding model obviously, it would come across as too academic perhaps but it could serve as a preliminary point of theory by which to begin such a task as further design for simplified accessiblity.







Their work and the work of many others is visible as being relevant to the exchange of ideas, forms of stewardship, commodities, time, experiences, resources, money, and beingness. There is a fundamental exchange and circulation of energy occurring whether someone sells a turnip or patents a new technology. As new models of stewarding these forms of energy begin to evolve as a result of transparency around our own conscious evolution. It seems evident that a common system would emerge to provide a visible feedback of our impacts being positive, neutral, and negative in collective aspects which would be mutually deemed as vital to express, broadcast, amend, and resolve. Such a technology would not assert itself as a solution but rather an expression of consciousness with the energy of Love and forgiveness held at its root. It would not be asserted as a Eureka idea but more as an agile concept by which solutions could be mutually discovered, supportive as an environment by which our heads and hearts align to strike the gold from within. This is why this work is intended to be created with open access as a gesture of reconciliation with the North American government...























I realize it is no simple gesture and that the gravity of this decision is not offered in representation of all Indigenous peoples impacted by this genocide. Moreover, I understand that the effects of colonization are still felt with particular sting in places like Standing Rock of the Dakotas, the "Deep North". Yet it is for the expression of a harmonious future between indigenous, rural and modern peoples which this work of ten years is dedicated from a point of compassion and sincere desire to reconcile our differences while honoring mother Earth and the life upon her. 

The goal of this concept is to conceive, create and foster these innovations in culture so they may operate within a peer-to-peer policy structure to cultivate Peace one person at a time. Providing accessibility to visible conscious evolution with every individual acting as an essential piece within a larger systemic possibility.


Perhaps these innovations could be called: 

ENERPIECE "The Possibility of Peace through the Energy of Pieces".

This would be achieved by using authentic inspiration as an energetic catalyst and incentive system for the proposed process of planetary restoration. The objective of this kind of Peace culture is to evolve a modern individual's role from a consumer into the role of an experiential and co-creative COLLABORATOR. A collaborator in this context would use an online platform and locally owned/operated spaces to exchange skills, beingness, culture, wealth, ideas, resources, technology, curriculum, products and/or services to create a socially and ecologically beneficial planet one person at a time. As a whole, these programs are designed to facilitate an orderly and balanced avenue of evolution between economic interest and planetary wellness.


This is sought to be expressed by an advanced inception of what is known as “Inter-Generational Equity” (IGE), which is a legal term for what the Native American way of life calls “to live for seven generations without harm”. I define it as a formal and modern recognition of the shared and innate prosperity existing throughout human time which we experience as natural resources and innate human birthrights (air, water, land, energy, etc). However, these programs seek to extend the known context of IGE by an inclusion of stewardship of the Biosphere as a whole.

The Biosphere as a whole refers to the DNA existing as ourselves, plants and animals which should be included alongside minerals into our general and international lawful understanding. This alliance could be expressed with online platform user agreements as the mutually recognized rights of an inter-species Biosphere ecology. The lawful protection of this codex ecology as recognized by these agreements should never become subject to unethical influence, codex tampering, threat, brute ideology, privatization and/or lead to negative effects from their means to their outcomes. Extensive human rights should also be personally upheld and endorsed peer-to-peer as each person is not only a steward of resources but also a social steward by an active endorsement of a harmonious humanity itself, which is best described as Interdependence or Inter-Beingness. Thereby enrolling each collaborator as a “Peace Steward”.



The development of IGE (Inter-Generational Equity) would be expressed and practiced in three ways :

  • Inter-Dependence of Harmony

  • Inter-Species and Biosphere Alliance

  • Inter-Generational Equity



These would occur by means of one's participation in these programs. As these Peace programs become actively adapted to serve any community in the world they would also amplify and cultivate the global inter-species alliance between plants, minerals, animals and human beings from a shared viewpoint of Empathy, Synergy and Mutual Respect. Moreover, IGE as a collaborative experience has many facets it can facilitate in the form of innovation, inspiration, exchange, education, cooperation, expression, engaged kindness and joy as direct components for a shared process of global restoration. I believe these shared experiences are worthy catalysts to resolve conflict, greed, indignity, trauma, shame, ignorance, poverty, corruption and indifference.


What does this idea hope to achieve?


  • To evolve our relationships beyond the title of "consumer" towards co-creative "collaborators in Peace"

  • To provide a platform for: interaction, expression, commerce, crowd-funding/crowd-sourcing, sustainable methods of business, and livingry that supports social cohesion while increasing the Regenerative Footprint.

  • To provide innovative eco-centric methods for redefining and maximizing business efficiency while also offering community oriented avenues of benefit. This would be done with a cooperative structure of hive-minded sharing which acts somewhat similarly to the Open-Sourced Technology movement ( Meaning that if one business discovered an effective method to improve the circulation of wealth or resources then it would share it openly on the platform which would automatically notify relative businesses as well as post publicly for ALL businesses to strengthen their ability to circulate efficiently towards a more just and equitable planet (working completely opposite to how competitive businesses function). Note that this is mostly relevant to a method which improves efficiency of circulation but would not seek to undermine the diversity of business products and services. An example of which would be a decentralized version of food safety infrastructure, policy, protocol and safe timely donation of otherwise disposed resources.

  • Integrate common methods for access to experiencing enriching forms of education, research, culture, business, and technology with this collaborative approach. The platform would be used to seed physical locations of shared common spaces where ideas can be developed individually, in small groups, or in teams and rewarded with residual benefits to each collaborator, (the website would be sufficient enough for this but the point is to eventually provide spaces for human interaction for strengthening communities in full abundance, edging away from mere online interaction).

  • Peer-to-Peer accountability and regulation of business integrity for every member involved in a commercial process from production/growth, distribution, sale, usage or purchase in the interest of IGE.



In today’s world we generally experience factions of culture as the vast commercial interplay of exclusive industries. For example: the agriculture industry, Big Pharma, the entertainment industry, the education sector, etc. Our shared experience of culture exists within a context of economic hierarchy, monopoly of interests and corporate personhood laws. Most of us are not even cognizant of the impinging effects of cultural consumerist conditioning in the West which engineers the personal psyche from a very early age and continues with consistency into adulthood in order to preserve the high-octane rate of acquisition. The following ideas were designed to provide a kind of medicine for any cultural narrative structure whose sole motivation has been purely for profit while unto the detriment of social infrastructure, self-realization, interdependence, natural ecologies and/or the environment.

How would these programs out-model economic practices like “Free Market Fundamentalism”?

These diverse Cultural Hybrid templates can also act as contracts to create meaningful bridges between commercially and ethically motivated entities of every scale such as to spontaneously create the same function of what is called a “Benefit Corporation”. In essence the same principle at work in a Benefit Corporation could be accomplished en masse on behalf of Planetary culture and through these Peace programs as they could side-step the legal perimeters of that process since these contracts would not technically be affiliated directly with the Benefit Corporation or B Corps status. These programs were designed to function on a much more peer-to-peer international scale and framework. The point of this is to expedite the incentive and means by which businesses can operate efficiently while enacting the Regenerative Footprint by their participation with an ethically motivated entity, like a non-profit. The user agreements would be used to create IGE working partnerships between many types of entities from companies, coalitions, groups, individuals, institutions, universities, small businesses and/or non-profit organizations, etc. This is important because corporations could still uphold fiduciary responsibilities while evolving their practices from degenerative and extractive to life-affirming practices as sovereign entities in collaboration.


What is a Peace Program?


It is a beneficial agreement field to be used by any community or group of entities for the enactment and expression of restoring relationships, economies and ecologies. A program can stand on its own or can be used as a contractual agreement to bridge the gaps between commercially and ethically motivated types of entities ranging from but not exclusively to a University, Small Business, Corporation, Coalition, Individual, a Nation, Non-Profit, etc. Primarily the titles of these ideas Peace Programs as they are found on my site HERE are all templates and are intended to have a local area provide its own title, same principle as when you go to a website builder for a template you would add the name of your site. Also the cultural porousness of a single contract for example could use commerce, art, education, skill-share, cradle-to-cradle industrialization, bio-livingry and permaculture for a singularly experienced idea.


The term template here means that it's intended to be an agile avenue of expression which would diversely support local cultures without a homogeneous branding identity like a corporation. Also, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, any user agreements which may run counter-current to the local cultural values would be boldly outlined on a regional basis; examples of which would be the absence of caste system (India), no unwilling body mutilation (like for females in Africa), child marriages under the age of 18, animal testing required to approve of a product (China) and/or the presence of transgender appropriate restrooms (United States). 

What would the interconnection of all these concepts accomplish by their design?


  • To exceed Carbon Neutrality standards by generally promoting localized livingry for our environment in an ethical production-to-exchange process of goods and services. Please see THRIVE TRADE on the blog section. This is an avenue for generating local community cohesion as well as the reduction of a vast need for petroleum in order to circulate wealth and procure basic needs. The exception to promoting anything other than local production is if a foreign commodity provides some degree of benefit (as approximated by whom it is benefiting), nuance, or expresses the diversity of global culture itself (ex: Belgian Chocolate, African Jewelry, Venetian Glass, French Soap, Damascus Steel, Japanese Stoneware, Kurdish Embroidery, Indigenous Textiles, Fillipino Coconuts, Spanish Footwear, etc.)

  • Social and Ecological accountability through the peer-to-peer regulation of exchange with exceptionally advanced user agreements to be endorsed on a peer-to-peer global network and be written in the interest of IGE3: recognizing the wellness of the planet as an inter-generational birthright, recognizing the advancement of our harmonious social cohesion of interdependence and recognizing the synergistic well-being of plants, minerals, animals and humans as a cohesively single global ecology. This basically means that in order to enjoy the benefits of these hybrids you couldn't circulate anything made in slave labor, committed with animal cruelty, pollution, privatization of resources, no GMO's, toxic chemical ingredients, etc. The advancement of social rights is communicated as the utmost right to pursue happiness beyond abuse, discrimination, harm or infringement of wellness.

  • Creating a diverse and symbiotic network of skill share through live/work trade agreements and/or land stewardship agreements.

  • Internalization of the costs of production using a peer-to-peer method of: land stewardship, education, health-care, preventative healthcare, transparency, mostly cradle-to-cradle industry, food, housing, clothing, commerce, sanitation, arts and care.

  • A 20 hour “work/service/joy/play” week (different catagories for different experiences of participation).

  • To support the public creation of a spectrum of wealth that is mutually negotiated by career type. Hoarding is not permitted with a maximum wage ceiling limit of the equivalent to $5 million dollars (in units) earned per person per year, anything earned in excess of this amount is redistributed to provide basic needs for all. Top earners, meaning those who continuously earn in excess of the $5 million value strata, can either remain anonymous or be publicly recognized for their positive impact but either way are given incentives for earning from the overflow by having culture itself as a medium of distinguished recognition. (Think VIP pass for anything you can imagine with an emphasis on experiences which are valued most by the millennial generation) OR Another method to consider is having a re-circulation expiration date on any units exceeding 500,000 after a one year period of continuous dormancy, investments would be exempt from this.

  • Building strong communities and families through food forestry, urban farming, and permaculture as well as providing vast learning resources for individuals of every age.

  • Creating natural closed-loop systems in keeping with Cradle-to-Cradle Industrialization. This means that there is no excess waste or byproduct created in the process of production, distribution and/or sale of a good or service.

  • Developing an economic system of exchange (Fibonacci Economics or OMA - Open Mutual Access). Next to this system would be a commons space for other systems, making Enerpiece ultimately an economic commons to navigate efficacy with collective integrity.

What would an exchange commons system look like?

A real-time visual data flow chart and agile social media platform where each participant at the community scale could use it as peer-to-peer data to coordinate positive synchronicity and concious interests in how they choose to make a beneficial difference.

OMA / Open Mutual Access: is a simultaneous system of exchange as broadcast and performed by a global grid of users in an evolving flux around a balanced zero point. Value is not derived artificially but is beneficially co-created with a mutual vision of Synergy, Peace, Efficiency, Abundance and democratization of trans-stewardship*.

*trans-stewardship means the engaged compassion and care for present and future life, rights of nature, economic justice, sentient rights, and social justice.

OMA is a technology concept which honors the innate value of human life being expressed in symbiosis with the planet rather than the objectified value of gold or legal tender being used as an intermediary agent of exchange (note of legal tender is about holding an agreement of value whereas our planetary web of life has innate value). The planet is our most precious resource and our lifestyles upon it have gone out of balance because the artificially objectified value of profits has taken precedence over the integrity of our actions and relationships.

So while using inspiration from Nature in the creation of a “spiraling upward” economic system: the streaming grid uses a social media platform for the exchange and sharing of basic human needs, open-sourced technology, green energy, collaboration, barter, skill-share, arts and culture.



























































These illustrations are drafts of an economic commons visual data tool for mapping out a diverse spectrum of regeneration culture in our communities, industries, and systems in a real-time flow chart for the peer-to-peer broadcast of all humanity's compassion, reconciliation, benefical novelty, sharing, innovation, carbon drawdown, healing our relationships, restoration, inspiration, and education occurring on the planet. Furthermore, it could be developed initially as interactive art in the co-creation of a harmonious Biosphere by the balanced expression of head and heart.

If there's any confusion around the relevance of this concept please watch an incredible short film entitled 

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein, directed by Ian MacKenzie.

To support their work click here:






Economically speaking, OMA is the equivalent of an entire global network of users literally expressing innate abundance itself as a primary agreement of value rather than relying on a constructed agreement of value which is not innate but inherited. If we gradually invested our current resources in this exchange strategy it could potentially supplement present currency mediums of exchange to circulate wealth, perhaps more in time upon joining with other innovative “Fin-tech” entrepreneurs which provide simple financial exchange solutions to better serve people rather than large financial institutions. Also, it could be used to endorse or create diverse forms of exchange on the local “community-coin” currency scale such that communities all over the world could be entirely autonomous with-or-without the network.


Firstly, OMA is a kind of training wheels technology concept intended to work in tandem with something called HUES: Human Unified Energy Stream. HUES is a visual data animation to depict the process of global restoration as exchanges, participation, collaboration, innovation, and healing. The various degrees of benefit are shown in a wheel of thick to thin lines which indicate user volume around a specific cause, response, interest, program and or beneficial novelty topic. The thickness of a particular line will occur in flux depending on the flow of energy around its benefit.

The global structure of the grid would be peer-to-peer community developed by a design based solely on the Fibonacci sequence, making the increasing efficiency of the grid and the participation by the user both synonymous to its function. So if for some reason the users are not pleased with the grid altogether, technically all participants could opt to close their accounts and it would completely disappear to be closed indefinitely or start from scratch with new insight. My dream would be for the malleability of this grid to evolve over time into a higher expression of collectively and individually expressed Love by being molded by future participants, even until such a time as it had served its purpose in supporting a transition to a harmonious planet and may no longer be a relevant technology given that the bond between life is so fully present. 

Science calls the Fibonacci sequence the Law of Accumulation: As a plant develops, every sequentially grown leaf uses the Fibonacci sequence in the form of an electrical impulse which checks-in with the previous leaf before the response of continued growth occurs. If we used this method of RESPONSE in conducting our method of growth then it would be using a naturally organized principle to allow this conceptual expansion to unfold with mutual integrity.


This strategy would ensure that unchecked growth is not possible: in function, nor permitted under rules of protocol, nor is hoarding or interest-bearing debt permitted as a result of its design. The expanding premise of operation works around the Fibonacci sequence because it is a principle found in the orchestration of the cosmos. In seeking a new method of exchange it seems obvious to look to the current expression of cosmic mathematics for our own systems of circulation, particularly in seeking a more holistic and integrative approach with balance.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144,... etc.




This response system is also for the rate of expanding membership. At the marker of 1,000 members, there is a check-in survey with present participants to be sure that the function and vision of the platform is in keeping with its initial intention to serve humanity and the planet with cohesive mutual benefit. Another check-in would happen at another 1,000 members, then 2,000 to 3,000 to 5,000 to 8,000 to 13,000 and so on. If the programs at any point were not working from the initial vision around IGE, then the expansion of new memberships would be temporarily ceased until the present active members could address the concerns and/or restore conditions into a mutual alignment of vision.


Likewise, the marker caps on earning and circulation using OMA would be aligned along the Fibonacci sequence. It would permit the system to function on a principle of abundance rather than scarcity or competition. Such a dynamic is evident in the Taoist passage : 

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."


As was mentioned earlier, this system proposes a maximum wage so the highest individual wealth ceiling is set at a $5 million yearly salary equivalent of any single user, not household. Any earnings in excess of this ceiling are redistributed to all participants for basic needs to the nearest communities and without political partisanship via this peer-to-peer distribution system..


THE MOST VITAL ASPECT of this user agreement grid is that its operation never becomes subject to produce poverty, pollution, speciesism, division, brute ideology, political oppression or used for the privatization of basic human needs. To achieve this, its inception would need to include ironclad user rights on the rights of Nature as well as a system of expressing lawful integrity for upholding human rights in addition to a preliminary exclusion of the blue-gold, Fur industry, incarceration industry, fracking, GMO, adult entertainment, industrial animal farming, slave labor practices, pesticide, inethically garnered palm oil/ tungsten/etc., and oil industries. Business entities that violate ecological sustainability, animal rights, use intolerable working conditions and/or threaten a social infrastructure would be preemptively disqualified and/or subject to immediate disqualification from OMA until their practices can adapt to principles of trans-stewardship. This is not to suggest that there is no pathway for their participation in the future upon complete overhaul of their respective purpose, industry business models and/or metrics in accompaniment with a ecological/social reconciliation plan. Which is an entire job market which could be adopted by stock brokers as a transitional career branch.

The goal of OMA software is: To unify the global experience of basic human needs being met through a process of efficient planet-wide circulation and broadcasting of healing and regeneration.

HUES - “Human Unified Energy Stream”

HUES is the visual mapping system which works in tandem to exhibit the information garnered from the overall system alongside OMA and other exchange types at the forefront. 

Visually, this systemic grid would look like waves of rainbow hurricanes of color coded activity on the mapping function which would broadcast the types of transactions, responses, exchanges, symbiosis, restoration, reconciliation, and benefit happening per specific region. This is intended to provide a visual depiction of the dynamic of good happening on our planet with the same significance as most consider towards the stock exchange. Mapping various exchange models and equity circulation types aside from OMA based on public support. 


The OMA operating system would allow users to broadcast our Regenerative Footprint on the HUES as happening in real time like a Chromatic weather mapping animation. Slightly more neutral colors exhibit a time lapse of more than 24 hours in the submission from the time it was created to its broadcast. Brighter colors would be exhibiting large broadcasts created and submitted within a 24 hour period time frame. Colors themselves would represent various industries, practices, transactions, activity, benefit, kindness, healing, pay-it-forward activity, gifting culture, sharing economy, learning, collaborations, etc.

With all this kept in mind, it is important to note that the highest success of such a system as this is its own obsolescence. What I mean by this is that the bond between humanity and the needs of the Biosphere in time could become so secure that the technology to gauge our impacts would not have any value, like a shell we out-grew. 

These energy / data circles each feed acts, time, and equity to the larger data flow chart seen to the right.
systems. The flowchart to the right depicts       
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