The FOUNDRY is an 18+ years or older multi-disciplined setting for individuals to have economical social commons

access to University-quality resources. This also includes staff and skillshare facilitators engaged in a live/work exchange program. The purpose of which is to internalize costs and lower the cost of high-quality education. If this concept takes flight then perhaps travel could become a point of further appeal to garner talented and/or quality staff. A network of education hubs such as this would provide full-time participants (whether staff, students, or skillshare facilitators) with access to other destinations.

Rather than a straight start-up fee to begin membership, the option of a resource is contributed to the whole community of members based on a wish-list of varying costs from a dozen used shipping pallets to Camera Lenses, etc. These resources are pooled cooperatively to create a commons environment with access to tools, curriculum, skillshare, and much more.

This includes:

  • Studio spaces for Art Making in any medium desired by a local community

  • Dance Studio

  • Theater Hall

  • Music & Performance Hall plus practice rooms and basic DIY recording booths

  • Gallery space

  • Makerspace lab (see for an example)

  • Artisan studios (everything made from scratch or by hand: candles, pottery, woodworking, shoe cobbling, soap, bread, furniture, etc.) see ARTISAN REDUX program.

  • Storage for equipment and works


  • Live/study exchange (student & faculty housing with a work-trade agreement)

  • Lecture halls

  • Classrooms

  • Lounge/eating areas

  • Dry Bar for alcohol and substance-free Leisure (see CARPE NOKTURNE program)

  • Edible Organic Permaculture/ Urban Food Forestry

  • Library with up-to-date curated reading material (this curated material is broadly premised on a spectrum ranging from bestsellers, relative field peer-to-peer picks, top 100 lists, ivy league curriculum to industry-disruption content)

  • Napping Spaces

  • Meditation room

  • Collaboration and Networking Spaces


This also includes an anthropological study branch designated to the preservation of cultural diversity. For example, the space would be used to feature a traditional culture practitioner of: Japanese Kimono making, Damascus steel, Venetian glass, Indian basket weaving, Peruvian Shipibo Textile Design, Hungarian Embroidery styles, African Basketry & Jewelry, Spanish Cobbling, etc.

Preserving these practices also means opening the centers up to rural and indigenous cultural performances, rituals, skillshare, festivals, dances, and Storytelling. Videos that feature field-study documentaries or relevant filmed experiences can submit their footage online as well to be hosted for workshop study. This would be to preserve the cultural sovereignty of remote tribes or communities who may be interested in sharing their wisdom or culture from afar.

The goal is to provide optimal conditions for skillshare, learning and/or dynamics of unprecedented collaboration between:

  • students

  • professionals

  • practitioners

  • artists

  • designers

  • advocates

  • activists

  • indigenous peoples

  • skillshare facilitators

  • organizations

  • researchers

  • specialists

  • scientists

  • entrepreneurs

  • organizations

  • companies

  • businesses

  • educators

  • professors

Such collaborations could be committed in the interest of transparency on creativity, the learning process, innovation, insight, compassion, social permaculture, decentralized stewardship on a spectrum from ecological to social restoration.