Nexus of Avatars + CAUSE Play

NEXUS of AVATARS: This is an all-ages* physically-oriented gamer space (LBE – Location Based Entertainment) for imagination, expression, learning and self-expansion by means of:

  • independent cultivation of Qi

  • meditation techniques

  • yoga

  • understanding of one's Kinetic, Emotional, and Cognitive centers

  • hemp-plastic or post-consumer plastic

  • 3D Printing of Armatures/costume accessories for check-out usage or purchase

  • Upcycling area

  • CAD design database for upload/download sale, barter and circulation of designs in both hardware and software

  • Kinetic and Audio-Visual Accessory designs or KAVA's

  • Skillshare

  • Trans-disciplinary gaming (Also meaning that in order to have access to play areas a participant would need to spend time in holistic self-development of reading, learning and/or expressing.)

The full expression of one's culture is honored alongside fictional expressions so long as they are created in a mythic, shamanic, meaningful or symbolic way. Using minimal technology and maximizing community art immersion & craftsmanship.

This is a concept which would use presen t technology to record, broadcast and share various methods from movement arts, product design, fashion, costume, body art, music, poetry and dancing. Strictly NO VR goggles here. This is meant to be very physically engaging, sometimes team-oriented and could use a projector rather than a TV screen on the gamer floor. Sensors interact with the environment in kinetic, audio and visual plethoras of ecstasis.

Bamboo fabric with the same elasticity of a surfer's wetsuit (and is machine washable) would ideally encase small removable patch sensors inside. These 10 patches and sensor shoes would be used to record your movements or used to follow the movements recorded by others. Plant based fiber optics could be used to signal a movement-match. A movement-match occurs when your movements accurately correspond to the movement which was recorded for skill share. So when you move with accuracy a light display through regalia occurs to notify you that you've matched it.

Individuals of all ages can pick up trash or perform a community service independently to earn credit which they can exchange for gaming time. Beneficial Community service in this context can be as broad enough to include senior care, pollution clean-up, mentorship, skillshare, permaculture garden establishment for the homeless, etc. The more local non-profit organizations can be collaborated with the better, even as fiscal sponsors for paid gaming time and these organizations can use the space to advertise and generate funds for doing more of what they already do. Delegating tasks to players to build their points in CAUSE Play.

Fictional aspects of gaming can be proposed and created here but the emphasis is on non-violence or better yet HEALING moves in the game. Players would have moves like holding space (defense bubble to prevent an attack), alignment (to send a burst of love where the attacker stops their agenda and is gratefully healed) and positive energy field (transforms a group of attackers into allies). Dance moves or martial arts can be programmed for any given difficulty level. Points would be deducted for excessive use of physical force and points added for a gentle but effective diffusion of violence. This is a place where you can design your regalia and be-your-own avatar, bio-luminescent body paint, play with wearable and programmable music equipment which makes sound relative to your movements too. Perhaps eventually even virtual vector paint can be programmed to movements for abstract artwork thrown spontaneously into the game which can later be developed and merchandised to the direct benefit of the participant.

(Above is a depiction for sake of example of Mimu Gloves which have sensors that respond to movement to produce interactive sound.)

Kids can collaborate with in-house storytellers, philosophers, artists, gaming designers and each other to evolve the gaming industry itself transparently with a grassroots mindset.

Professional Performances would be held to earn community credit on friday and saturday evenings. Performances would be conducted by peer-to-peer voted gamers who fully incorporate at least seven aspects like heritage, dance, philosophy, compassion, a personal growth triumph, martial arts and costume design together.

*All ages in this context may still need to designate a few areas for younger participants. While this is an all-ages community family zone, it would still need to be supervised for appropriate behavior and child safety. Some areas may need to be designated for the optimally safe physical play of younger participants with regard to the skating zones. I recommend that all participants under the age of 18 have a required “friendship bracelet”.

The space would include:

  • Small stages throughout for live music.

  • A round meditation room with subtle lighting and a very simple design.

  • A dancing area to broadcast your own moves, follow other innovators, sync up with your friends, express a choreographer's vision, show off your costume creation, etc. The same creative festival culture like Burning Man could be achieved in a drug-free and drama-free environment. This would be an ideal collaborative space with DJ's with all-age appropriate content (and proper original hertz, harmonic music) can earn community-coin here too.

  • An elixir lounge featuring non-alcoholic healthy tonics, an array of teas and kombucha drinks could be served with healthy snacks and organic food. Check out an upcoming program on the blog called CARPE NOKTURNE, which is soon to follow.

  • 3D printing station for designing armatures, FUNctional tools, toys, jewelry, ideas and costume designs. Upcycling station included here as well to emphasize resilience and ecological stewardship.

  • A collection of curated books about influential thinking or transformation in the human experience. Featuring works about and by people like Rabindranath Tagore, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nana Veary, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Buckminster Fuller, George Washington Carver, Nikola Tesla, etc. This collection would also have a sub-section room to include books about spiritual transformation and those who would be typically classified as Saints, Mystics or “Avatars” like Krishna, Gurdjieff, Socrates, Lao Tzu, St. Francis of Assisi, Buddha, Meister Eckarte, Morehei Ushiba, the Christ, Confucius, Mohammed, Quan Yin, etc. This is to reflect a co-existing religious, cognitive, and spiritual diversity. This room would feature transcendental artwork depicting the sacredness of the divine experience throughout time and across regions. A rich (but not bright) rainbow theme and 8 cultural direction “pillars” would be surrounding the reading area with a realistic sculpted cherry blossom tree in the center of the room as a fountain flows around at its base and a sky light illuminating the blossoms. Each of these pillars would have a design to reflect the rich array of diverse cultural beauty ranging in complimentary influences like Celtic, Maori, Chinese, Arabic, Amazonian, Slavic, African, Hopi, etc.

An adjacent secondary lounge would also have high-quality curated reading, audio and film material. This is more to the point of the Human Potential Movement with regard to our expressive capacities. This is a safe place to contemplate, enter into philosophical dialogue, read, view, and perform. The basic sub-categories of culture so far are: dance, poetry, design, theater, art/illustration, literature, fashion, music, environmental design, body art, kinetic technology and makerspace culture.

These categories would be enriching resources to inform participants about the lineage of humanities from history to modern culture. Listening stations, self-directed learning booths and featured local artists. Art installations by local design participants. That reading area would also feature manifestations and works of those categories.

Workshop & Lesson-Liaison areas would provide a matchmaking service between those who teach and who want to learn various disciplines with a treasure trove of online to on-site resources for independent study.

(All skillshare participants would need to undergo a background check and drug testing.)

Lesson spaces for dance, music, design, spoken word and basic home-style recording booths. The music area would have couches and great interior design with an emphasis on historic originality; i.e. pictures of artists like Django Reinhardt, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Woodie Guthrie, Nina Simone, Edith Piaf, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Robert Johnson, etc.

A colorfully lit skating room course with bioluminescent fiber optic environments which look like the Avatar environment obviously popularized by the mainstream film yet with no direct or compromising likeness. This is a space which resembles a mystical and illuminated return to the illuminated sacred feminine energy of Earth. Totems of Animal spirits would be throughout the setting with jurrasic scaled flowers, insects, spiderwebs, aromatherapy fungi "spores", and goopy florescent green sludge.

Sound speakers throughout the room would play sounds from an actual rainforest and / or amazonian tribal festival music (music with no lyrics, emphasis on primal atmosphere)This space is like an obstacle course which would have sections for skateboards, wheeled-hybrid footwear and skates. This would also make an ideal place to play with others prior to an opening space on the main gaming floor or private music lesson room while a small wristband would vibrate when your turn came.