This is a marketplace which is hybridized with a maker-movement education hub. Regionally to locally crafted Artisanal goods and services are sold and taught with THRIVE TRADE standards.

The goods created would range in type

from the modern to traditional forms of:

glassblowing, confection, millinery, leather stamping, bookbinding, paper-making, basket weaving, ceramic arts, furniture, shoemaking, tapestry & textiles, pattern making, fashion, tailoring, plant-based dyes & pigmentation, lettering & Font design... the implications of carrying on traditions has no end. This may be very relevant for carrying on cultural traditions too like traditional bead-making, however all shared practices

which deal with culture must be honored with sincere delicacy. What may appear to be an indigenous tradition in many cases was a ritual and/or ceremonial sacred act of living, akin to the practice of a religion. Another perspective is the notion of a recipe or method which has traveled from generation to generation, supporting the lifeblood of a family lineage and nurturing the gravity of tradition, this is sacred ground as well in the realms of culture.

This program is not only a skill share process but would be central for serving a KINFINITY center where the trade education process can provide goods & services to supplement the nuances of other programs.

Imagine what it would be like to be immersed in an environment where everything around you from the flowers, the napkins, the settings, stoneware teapots, furniture, clothing, lighting and so on...was an expression of the energy of love which crafted it. The love of family, of kinship with the environment, the love of a discipline, etc.

This kind of environment would be complete immersion into a field of the expression of love in all its nuances. Such a field of awareness charged into an atmosphere could be enough of a social design principle in and of itself to create meaningful industry disruptions on the disposable lifestyle. Here, such disruption could be termed as "harmonic dissent" or the beneficial orchestration of resources and ideas in action with meaningful expression which runs counter-current to the collective social / ecological status-quos.