Sistership is engaged sisterhood as a legacy of kindness between women which is stewarded between generations and for future generations. It is the practice of establishing compassionate action in a community while anchoring in experiences of inclusive friendships, authentic connection, advanced cooperation, family planning, economic resilience, and personal growth.


This is a concept which supports the feminine cultivation of community, healing, meditation, supplementary income, tools for financial independence and unplugging from stimuli. (digital-free zone)

This is also a place to explore one's authentic self and discover emergent roles of women in their community while opening up a dialogue on the feminine narrative beyond competition, insecurity, gender roles, and pretense. A Sistership certification program could exist for mentorships or life-coaching services for girls and young women ages 13 through 30 years old.

Workshops and resources would include:

  • sisterhood circles

  • holistic family planning for birth prevention

  • birth center with midwives on-call

  • council and life-coaching

  • financial independence toolkit

  • emotional alchemy + literacy

  • modern library and living library*

  • empathy training

  • council / compassionate communication

  • cooperation skills

  • affirmative living

  • mediators

  • Feminism and it's history: complete with multi-media library of books, films, interviews, music, articles, etc. (And how women's empowerment matters in terms of climate change, economics, and population control)

  • self-care and sacred practice

  • small business management basics

  • clothing exchange space

  • career advisory, development and goals

  • networking + research

  • meditation

  • self-defense

  • partnerships with non-profits which support security and thriving for women and girls

  • sisterhood dynamics

A monthly fee of $27 similar in cost to a gym membership would provide access to the space and its resources. General membership support would pay for the overhead expenses, employee, and facilitator time while using live/work* trade agreements. About 40% of classes and workshops would cost extra for visiting instructors. Generous members have the option of micro-funding the memberships of other women openly or anonymously with tax-deductable donations in partnership or fiscal sponsorship with a non-profit perhaps. Many membership spaces would be kept free and available as a kind of live/work* scholarship program for women who are at-risk for domestic violence, recovering from substance abuse, and/or homeless.

If memberships reach a saturation point of class capacities then aspiring members can earn community equity of some sort by seeding their interest into committed action for a larger space or more location(s) to serve their city. Investors or developers interested in seeding holistic equity beyond financial capital would be circulating inter-generational equity, cultural capital, human capital, and living capital. Moreover, they would have tax-deductable status for their collaboration or interest in investing in a new economic model which would not continue with extractive methods of wealth but circulate financial capital in harmony with other forms of value and innate wealth such as the well-being of our Biosphere. (please check out Financial Permaculture and the 8 Forms of Capital@

*A tiny-house village up to code with city ordinances might be adequate for this purpose by having facilitators share common spaces with at-risk women in an inclusive and loving community of fellowship.

A further point of compensation for in-house facilitators, employees and specialists could also be created by providing free access to all other programs outside of sistership such as Thread Medicine or Carpe Nokturn for example. This would be mutual for ALL facilitators and staff in these Peace Programs, creating a very tangible and living vision of beneficial inter-dependence.

A start-up seed funding program could be made also available for women who have completed the Sistership certification program for mentorship and have a concept developed for a local business which would either assist or employ locally affected women by using the social permaculture dynamics of Sistership. Crowd-sourcing for these start-ups can also be coordinated by performances or micro-funded through local and online percentages of products/services sold with full financial transparency.

Facilities would include:

  • Workshop spaces for hosts, instructors and DIY space for independent work

  • live/work exchange livingry for full time staff, instructors, and guest hosts

  • extensive garden of plants, flowers and food enough to support the staff as well as members

  • music, poetry, theater and dance / performance space

  • skillshare space

  • spa, therapeutic massage + detox space

  • library lounge

  • gallery + gift shop of work created onsite or independently by local members

  • healthy cafe + tea room lounge

  • commons study hall + shared workspace

  • meditation room

  • childcare space

  • makerspace with shipping area, storage, industrial workspace and computer stations for small online businesses

The notion of these aspects, experiences, and services all in one place may seem daunting at first....but consider that for the same space in a city occupied by a large corporate box store, a similar footage could become an epicenter for community resilience beginning with women. Because a facility with these resources and the right kind of staff who seeks to inspire as well as support women in a sense of complete sisterhood and trust would be beneficial to not only women but to the community at large.

Happy, Loving, healthy, wise and empowered women raise happy, Loving, healthy, wise and empowered children. Please share if you feel inspired.

And from the epi-center of my heart, thank you for reading. <3