What is the TENDERHEART principle ?

An Empathy incubator project for community council and collective commons space for compassionately shifting from an Industrial Growth Society to a Regenerative and Life-Affirming Society.  

As a community-scaled collective it would function with:

  • transparency in decision making and finances

  • council (compassionate listening)

  • empathy motivated leadership 

  • open-sourced social dynamics

  • peer-to-peer networks

  • feature performances, workshops, lectures & sound baths

  • pay-it-forward dynamics

  • regenerative principles

  • Transition + Resiliency measures (post-carbon strategies)

  • zero waste and cradle-to-cradle operations

  • environmental installations

  • co-working spaces + playscapes

The commons space would include a curated reading library, cafe environment, empathy training, local community project outlines, council meetings, an array of multi-disciplined collaboration, and potential live-work contracts for including costs of labor.

Functioning in this way is what is called:

Beneficial novelty- 

Using the social momentum of connection, enthusiasm, authentic experiences, community enrichment, and innovation to garner traction for the necessary stewardship of our economies, ecologies, and societies. 

The goal of this Collective is:

-to orchestrate mutual experiences of harmony at every scale and context

-Integrate Holacracy with indigenous wisdom to create a container for evolving self-governance and stewardship 


Thereby facilitating a spectrum of social murmurations which move at the speed of trust, flow in the direction of empathy, and act in proximity to nature's rhythm.


With these dynamics, we can arrive in common vision to dispel myths of dystopia and utopia alike. Removing both the clutches of cynacism and pedestals of escapism alike. Creating meaningful cultural shifts for the expression of a more beautiful, just, and resilient Earth.

This is the first in a series of events that will be held locally to kickstart advocacy, build traction in the community, and create a  membership base for the TenderHeart Principle
at a future site. We hope to launch within a year.
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