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A method of systemic Regeneration and Climate Resilience for creating long-term solutions and incentives that restore the Biosphere and social relationships through a symbiosis with nature.

It is Peace culture that would use an Inter-Generational economic commons framework along with a series of programs created for any local community looking to consciously co-evolve while enacting Climate Resilience.

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as a species coming of age, we are in the process of trading our mediocrity for excellence, our cynicism for inspiration, our sense of separation for our experience of community, and our complacency for our empowerment.

Our present economic and cultural structures have yet to perceive the value of embracing circular, complex, and agile systems as they occur in nature. How can we use ideas, culture and policy as a gracious vehicle to include everyone towards the best possible future with utmost integrity, positive neutrality, ease and grace? 

Many of our current global practices are outdated models that persist with scientific materialism, insecurity, euro-centrism, and momentum; we don't need a monkey wrench or a corruption-witch-hunt. It is with wisely tactful compassion and insight that we can redirect the momentum of global consumerism into a process of reconciliation, regeneration, and restoration while allowing nature to do the heavy lifting.

How might we initiate such a transition?

Nature is sometimes a force that can redirect our commercial value systems faster than we can conceive of their outcomes but inspiration is an energy that can transmute the threat of these outcomes into a meaningful response. The ARTS can be an avenue for mutually visioning what "Kinship with all life" might look like to the extent that other fields of expression like science and politics begin to participate from a perspective of positive nuetrality


Consider how restorative justice and council could become vital to creating a holistic shift in a planetary culture grounded in reciprocity and understanding. An agile culture of ecological-to-social stewardship that evolves relationships, patterns, and systems beyond destructive values to life-affirming values.


movers + shakers

The goal of this culture is to create a synergy of ideas that might someday inspire the transparent collaboration of individuals, companies, and organizations such as these anywhere in the world on behalf of a more just and resilient Planetary culture. A diverse Peace movement at the community scale.  Please check out their links for a portrait of stunning possibility.

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"For the first time in human history...                    Art is about to get teeth."
                                     -Terence McKenna


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